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Elise Freda

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Elise  Freda Night Water
Night Water
Elise  Freda Cabernet field
Cabernet field
Elise  Freda Cadmium Field
Cadmium Field
Elise  Freda Cloud Shadow
Cloud Shadow
Elise  Freda Day and Night
Day and Night
Elise  Freda
Deep Water
Elise  Freda Deep Woods
Deep Woods
Elise  Freda Distant Clouds
Distant Clouds
Elise  Freda Full Sun
Full Sun
Elise  Freda HaiKu Tree
Haiku Tree
Elise  Freda Loop Road
Loop Road
Elise  Freda Low Branches
Low Branches
Elise  Freda Midnite Sun
Midnite Sun
Elise  Freda Morning Grove
Morning Grove
Elise  Freda Orange Blossom
Orange Blossom
Elise  Freda Poplars
Elise  Freda Red Trees I
Red Trees I
Elise  Freda Spring Branches
Spring Branches
Elise  Freda Spring Trees
Spring Trees
Elise  Freda Springtime
Elise  Freda Sunset Lake
Sunset Lake
Elise  Freda Trees and Clouds
Trees and Clouds
Elise  Freda Trees of Life
Trees of Life
Elise  Freda Twilight Garden
Twilight Garden
Elise  Freda Warm Clouds
Warm Clouds
Elise  Freda breaking sun
breaking sun
Elise  Freda
creek mist
Elise  Freda creek mist
creek mist
Elise  Freda evening garden
evening garden
Elise  Freda Milkweed
Elise  Freda Peony

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Elise  Freda

Elise Freda

Elise Freda Biography

Elise Freda is a painter born into a family of painters. Being a painter was almost an inevitable choice for Ms. Freda who's parents, Helga and Fred Andkjar, both still paint daily in their studios. Her own studio overlooking the Beechwoods in Callicoon, NY, is integral to Elise’s process as it is from the window’s views that she draws her inspiration for the color, light and space within her paintings. The resulting paintings which are often compared to Asian calligraphic abstractions have been exhibited throughout the United States at such venues as the Delaware Arts Center and The Amarillo Museum of Art. Her other stylistic references would place her as a follower of Barnett Newman, Clyfford Stiles, Cy Twombly and Jiro Yoshihara. Her works are in the permanent collections of Coventry Paper, Canter Fitzgerald, and Champion Paper. Additionally, they have been published in The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The BrooklynRail, The Boston Globe and the Times Herald-Record.


Elise Freda Statement

My paintings begin with looking out my windows at a dramatic, southern view of the Catskills. Morning's mist envelopes the creek valley, mysteriously revealing and concealing. Afternoon brings warm light and shadows falling on the grid of fields and stonewalls. Tall, inky trees contrast against glowing skies of dusk and twilight. Night brings rich darkness punctuated by stars and moons.  At all times there is a constant touchstone of a long, languid, line of light where the mountains meet the sky.

My visual response to these elements of nature is translated in to the lines, gestures, atmospheric spaces and geometric shapes found in my paintings. I use this vocabulary to find my images during the process of making them.    

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