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Slippery When Wet
Amanda Dow Thompson sees her intriguing detailed, visceral, hand carved wood sculptures as odes to female strength, perseverance, and capability. Her newest sculptures, set to appear in the upcoming Slipper When Wet exhibition curated by Causey Contemporary and hosted at OFFLine by Central Booking in New York, are in her words “unapologetic….symbolizing a breaking out of inhibition….(saying in effect) here I am, I’m strong, I’m sensual, I’m in this.”
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  An exploration of immigration to the lower east side
The Lower East Side has been a significant migratory site for shaping utopian speculation and practical thinking, from the indigenous Lenape tribes, mass European immigration from 1840’s – 1930’s, to recent wholesale gentrification. Researching and responding to the broad source of archived visual and written documentation on the Lower East Side, artists Steven Dobbin, Patricia Stockman, Georgia Deal, and Workingman Collective will maneuver and employ their collective interpretations of place, migration, invention, and being human. The result is a collaborative exchange and visual examination of the Lower East Side as place and as allegory.
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Bricolage is an underused word relating to the act of composing diverse materials, ideas or structures. It is used mainly with regards to art or literature. Each of the artists in this exhibition creates works which fall into this description. Further, each of the artists utilizes bricolage to help them enunciate responses to the myriad identity issues present within our current society whether as a result of branding, politics, gender differences or societal norms. Each artist believes it necessary to "copy and paste”, borrowing via the use of photography, newspaper transfers or direct image copying to illustrate the confusion of identity within which we now live.
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  John J. Richardson Catalog of John J. Richardson's first solo exhibition with Causey Contemporary
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Sporting Fate
Sporting Fate focuses on artist, Christopher Hart Chambers' newest sculptures and paintings. Christopher refers to his work as “idiosyncratically American” since it references hot rods, surfboards, psychedelia, romanticized fantasy space craft/techno-science fiction adventure vessels while also utilizing an acute alphabet of personal emblems and cryptic motifs.
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Paradise Between - Hee Sook Kim
This exhibition, featuring Hee Sook’s mixed media paintings which combine western oil colors with Asian watercolors and glass beads, is Hee Sook’s fourth solo show with the gallery since beginning to work with Causey Contemporary in 1999.
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Kevin Bourgeois at VOLTA12
  Oxidizer 5.1
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Chthonic Sublime - Sy Gresser and Charlotte Lichtblau
A retrospective exhibition featuring the paintings of Charlotte Lichtblau and the sculptures of Sy Gresser.
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Jerry Ehrlich - This Mortal Coil
Ehrlich uses rebar to explore the relationship between man and nature, use and reuse, between energy and tension, static and active, between inside and out, container and contained, between moment and time.
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Lisa Pressman - Passing Through
Lisa Pressman believes her paintings embody a visual synthesis of stored memory - a metaphorical representation of the passage between human vibrancy and entropy.
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Elise Freda - The Continuing Line
This exhibition marked this abstract painter’s fourth solo exhibition with the gallery.

"Ms. Freda, internalizing and synthesizing a range of influences, achieves brevity, poetry," Lance Esplund wrote in one Wall Street Journal review.

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Elise Freda - The Continuing Line   
Line as Structure or Continuation
  Nancy Berlin, Amelie Ducommon, Alyssa Dennis, Emily Moore Many times a line is viewed as a beginning point, a means to an end. In this exhibition, the focus is split between architectural line and line that serves as a continuation of a thought form, one that indicates a presence either structural or organic.

Line as Structure or Continuation presents Alyssa Dennis, Emily Moore, Nancy Berlin, and Amelie Ducommun's works.

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Line as Structure or Continuation   


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